We all experience challenging times in our lives and taking that first step in deciding to come to therapy can be difficult. I have great admiration for those who choose transformation. I know the strength, courage, and vulnerability it takes to live and express as your authentic self. It is not easy, but with the proper support and guidance, positive growth is possible. 

Every person has a unique story, goals, challenges, personality, values, belief systems, and cultural influences that are woven together by experiences. At times, these experiences can contribute to feelings of disconnection in relationships, an increase in anxiety and depression, or other challenges in your life. Sometimes it can be too much to handle alone and we need help working through it. I am passionate about creating a safe and unique experience to help you heal from pain and discover new strengths and possibilities within yourself and enable you to create more intimate and trusting relationships.  

I truly enjoy the process of working collaboratively with my clients to find an approach that honors and respects them as a whole person. Together we can better understand life experiences, identify challenges and goals, and create strategies for growth, as well as space for healing. 

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